Some Tricks to Help You Learn Salsa Faster

There are a lot of people who learn salsa and make it look very easy. But what you don’t know about these people is the amount of practice they have put in before they became so good. There’s no secret or trick. You just need to practice. Here are a few tips to help you get there faster:

Spin Techndownload-8ique

There are a lot of people who feel confident about throwing themselves into a spin, but then end up falling down. There can be a number of different reasons for this but centrifugal force is the most important one. What you need to do is use centripetal force instead which will act inwards instead of outwards. This way, you can put all of your energy into the spin instead of worrying about falling down each time.

Leading and following

One question that many people have is how to lead. There is a trick here called using pressure. Whenever you are hand to hand with your partner, put some pressure on the hold so the partner matches your energy. You should vary the pressure between light and heavy without shifting your hand position so that both partners exert equal force. Use this technique for all moves and you will find it much easier to lead or follow.

Putting moves together

As a beginner, you may have trouble deciding which moves to put together. In such situations, you should try a simple trick called the salsa flow. The music should help lead you into a number of classical moves on its own but when it doesn’t work, you should simply remember to turn in the same direction as the move is going. This simple trick will be great and will help you put together a series of moves with ease. Now you know.