Learning Life’s Lessons from Salsa Classes

Salsa classes are really fun. Why would you want to do it? Well, it seems like a lot of fun. But one thing you definitely won’t expect is learning life lessons from salsa.10805220724_831bbee117_b

It is generally believed that salsa has an Afro-Cuban dance origin. The most common basic movements in the dance form comprise of three steps in a four-beat measure. The beat where you don’t step may contain a kick or a tap, or a weight transfer which may continue with the step only occurring in the next beat. There are endless variations of these basic movements with improvisations which continue to evolve in various parts of the world.

Dance can be used as a metaphor for many other things, and salsa is one of the best dance forms for this. In order to be an effective leader in dance, it is very important to feel the rhythm, and it will be easier to do this if you can first dance to the rhythm. After this, it is very likely you’re your partner will follow you and dance to the new rhythm.

What you can learn from dance can be used to take this entire metaphor to an entirely new level, that of personal relationship. It certainly is important for you to be aware of what’s around you and be in tune with the rhythms, but if you are doing it all by yourself, it isn’t enough. It is very important to be able to interact properly with your partner so that both dance at the same rhythm. Only then will the dance look nice. Otherwise, things are just going to look out of place.

It’s time you got on the dance floor and worked on your relationship through salsa. This is a decision you certainly won’t regret. Just give it a shot.