How to Use Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Dance

If you are working toward earning your bachelor’s degree of fine arts or your master’s with a focus on dance, it is important to know about the many career paths you can take in this field once you graduate. Here is how you can use this degree to become a successful professional after college.

Arts Administration or Management

Many students who have degrees in dance choose a job in arts administration or management. With this career, you will manage other performers or dancers, build and run websites for art or dance organizations, and handle press for the performers. It is an exciting career for an organized and driven person.

Work as a Choreographer

If you chose to get your bachelor’s degree of fine arts with a focus on dance, you are most likely a great dancer. That being said, you have the skills needed to teach others the things you have learned. A choreographer is a great career with most individuals earning an average of $22.09 per hour. However, as you build your experience, you can raise those rates and earn a solid income from this job.

These are just a few ways you can use your bachelor’s degree of fine arts or your master’s. Go online and explore all of the options available to you once you graduate, so you are aware of exactly how you can use your degree to benefit you.