A Beginner’s Guide to Salsa

Are you new to salsa dancing? Perhaps you may be feeling a mixture of enthusiasm and nervousness before your first class? Don’t worry. Everybody in your class is going to be a newcomer too. They will all be feeling the same way.

Here are a few tips which you need to remember before your first class:

Timing is essential. You should always show up on time so that you don’t miss any important instructions at the beginning of the class. Showing up llearning_salsaate will only make it hard for you to keep up with the rest.

Always respect your teachers and concentrate on everything they are saying.

Dancing is a lot of fun, and your instructor is going to try and make you realize that as soon as possible. You shouldn’t feel frustrated at any point. Eventually, you will agree.

Salsa basically is social dancing. You need to feel comfortable when dancing with your partner.

Always dress casually. This way, you should be comfortable when you start getting warm because of all the exertion.

Before you begin dancing, it is important for you to ensure you use deodorant so that you don’t annoy anyone with your body odor. People may not say anything, but they aren’t going to like dancing with you if you smell bad.

You shouldn’t take any alcoholic drinks before your class. This is just going to make matters worse for you.

As men are usually stronger and taller than women, don’t get too carried away. Both dance partners need to be relaxed if you are to enjoy yourselves.

It isn’t uncommon for women to ask men for a dance, there should be no excuses if someone asks you to dance.

If you’re looking to learn something new in the next few months, give salsa a shot. You certainly won’t be disappointed.