How to Use Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Dance

If you are working toward earning your bachelor’s degree of fine arts or your master’s with a focus on dance, it is important to know about the many career paths you can take in this field once you graduate. Here is how you can use this degree to become a successful professional after college. Arts

A Brief History About Salsa Dance

Salsa is a popular dance routine that is from the Latin America region of Cuba. It involves the dancer shifting his or her weight as they move to slow jams with repetitive beats. They should do it in a way that leaves the upper body unaffected by sudden shift movements. This dancing technique usually involves

Some Things You Should Know Before Joining Salsa Classes

When you’re dancing to exhilarating salsa music, it should be considered as something you can use for expressing yourself. Salsa is a passionate dance form which has received the nod of approval from a number of dance enthusiasts. There truly is something remarkable about salsa and when you are just starting off, learning this form

Some Tips to Help You Learn Salsa

If you’re looking to learn how to salsa then here are a few tips to help you out: Always take your time. Learning to salsa isn’t something you can do overnight, and you shouldn’t expect to grasp the entire concept immediately. You will understand how things work eventually and all you need to do is

Some Tricks to Help You Learn Salsa Faster

There are a lot of people who learn salsa and make it look very easy. But what you don’t know about these people is the amount of practice they have put in before they became so good. There’s no secret or trick. You just need to practice. Here are a few tips to help you

The Advantages of Salsa

There are many advantages of learning how to salsa. It is also a great form of exercise. Various parts of your body can benefit from a salsa dance. The most important thing for you to do is to join a professional salsa class where you can take lessons from experienced tutors. The physical movements of

A Beginner’s Guide to Salsa

Are you new to salsa dancing? Perhaps you may be feeling a mixture of enthusiasm and nervousness before your first class? Don’t worry. Everybody in your class is going to be a newcomer too. They will all be feeling the same way. Here are a few tips which you need to remember before your first

Finding the Latin Salsa Beats Everywhere You Go

Once you have got enough confidence and have understood the fundamentals and principles of Salsa, you shouldn’t restrict your knowledge to what’s happening in the dance scene. You should share your experiences everywhere you go. When you add Latin dance to your repertoire, you should be proud to show off your confidence and awesomeness. Whenever

How Long Will it Take to Learn Salsa?

If you’re impatient and want to become a salsa master overnight, forget about it. Salsa takes a lot of dedication, practice, and time. There are some critical steps which you could take to save a little time when it comes to achieving your dance goals, but there is nothing you can do to master the

Learning Life’s Lessons from Salsa Classes

Salsa classes are really fun. Why would you want to do it? Well, it seems like a lot of fun. But one thing you definitely won’t expect is learning life lessons from salsa. It is generally believed that salsa has an Afro-Cuban dance origin. The most common basic movements in the dance form comprise of